May 30, 2012

Becoming Like Jesus

Many people react to the term inner healing and associate it with new-age practices, bizarre doctrines, or weird people with strange beliefs about Christianity.  I like to keep it simple and tell people that inner healing is the process of becoming like Jesus.  This often leads to the question, “how do we begin the process of becoming like Jesus?”

The transformation process begins with an understanding that we become like Jesus when we think like Jesus (Romans 12:2).  Our thoughts must be rooted in God’s truth and His truth must become our standard of reason if we want to become healthy and whole.  Inner healing has a practical aspect that includes acknowledging places in our hearts where we have been wounded and haven’t allowed Jesus to heal the pain.  When emotional pain is disregarded it creates opportunity for lies and deception to enter our hearts.  We must intentionally choose to give Jesus permission to heal our broken hearts.

When people decide that they want to pursue inner healing I encourage them to think about why they want to be transformed.  Many people are honest and tell me that they want their internal pain to stop.  I understand that pain is often a great motivator, however our healing journey should include the desire to know the truth about the Lord and His plan for our life.

I want people to understand that there is no amount of inner healing that will make God love them more.  However, when broken places in our hearts are healed we are positioned to experience how much He loves us.  God loves us so much that he desires a relationship with us.  Jesus said that he views us as friends (John 15:12).  When we pursue God’s truth through an inner healing journey and remove emotional and spiritual barriers we become free to develop intimacy with Jesus and other people.